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My name is Wendy Fulkerson, I’m a Mom to three teenagers, and a business owner. In 2008 I went from having my final parent pass away, to getting a divorce after a 20 year marriage, to moving across the country AND I was turning 50…UGH. Along with all this came feeling sorry for myself, and I found myself in a place that I never thought I would be…38 pounds heavier than I ever had been. I started having some health issues, not being able to sleep, a lump in my throat with an overactive thyroid, my blood pressure was constantly at Stage 2 and I had to be put on meds to try and control it. Plus, I was having horribly heavy periods.

I was miserable. I felt horrible, I was bloated, I hadn’t exercised in years, and I was eating a lot of junk. So, what did I do about it? I was watching late night television and came upon an infomercial with a trainer who was doing a program that I thought I could do…..so I ordered it. My boyfriend laughed and told me what a waste of money it was, that I would never finish the program.

Maybe that is what did it for me. I was determined to get back into a bikini for my 50th birthday. I also wanted to prove my boyfriend wrong, (and I’m stubborn enough to do it)!!! The program was called Turbo Fire, and it had the most amazing trainer on it. (I actually chose this workout because I could relate to the trainer. She was in her 40’s and I wanted someone who I could understand). So the program came and I started it. I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t even begin to get through a thirty minute workout!!! But I did as much as I could, and then the next day I did a little more. I stuck to the schedule and I never missed a day, because I had made a commitment to myself, that I was going to find myself again.

I found a holistic nutritionist online, and ordered her program on Clean Eating and I made a commitment to change. I went through my cupboards and threw out all the boxed foods and started making food from scratch. I quit eating out all the time and prepared dinner at home and made lunches for work. I kept learning about clean eating and couldn’t believe the choices that it opened up to us. I learned that you could eat great nutritious food without any processing, without feeling like you were missing out.

I kept working at it, and I kept watching the weight come off.  I started drinking Shakeology for one meal, and then the weight really started coming off.  I was able to lose those 38 pounds.  I was able to get off my blood pressure meds and my thyroid meds.  I felt good again.  I felt healthy.  It was so refreshing after dealing with bloating and pain and just generally feeling terrible all of the time.  I thought if I can do it, I want to help other people that have given up do it.  So, I decided to become a Coach and help others do what I KNOW can be done.  You too can commit to having a life style change and take your life back!!!  Want to know more?  Reach out to me and I will help you!

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